Vunic General Terms and Conditions of use

Terms and Conditions
version 3.0 August 15, 2013


TVL is bound to operate the Top Level Domain (TLD) of .VU under the guidelines established by the Internet Assigned Names Authority (IANA) as described in RFC 1591, titled: Domain Name System Structure and Delegation. See In addition to the guidelines outlined in RFC1591.


TVL is bound to respect the Vanuatu national law and public policy, customs and beliefs of the People of the Republic of Vanuatu. Accordingly, TVL :

- Has a list of all restricted domain names that can be consulted here,(Restricted domains). These domains are restricted means that permission needs to be asked. TVL also banned domains are names that are taboo, obscene, scandalous, indecent or contrary to Law or morality. This list is subject to change.

- Reserves the right to decline, or delete, any Domain Names registrations likely to damage the reputation of the TLD of .VU. Should this situation arise the customer will be notified by email and receive a pro-rata refund of their registration fee. Note TVL will not be held responsible for any loss of business resulting from the withdrawal of domain names deleted for this reason.


There is a USD$70/year maintenance fee. Two Months before your domain name registration expires, you will automatically be sent several emails as a reminder. You can easily renew your name by credit card from our web site or by coming to one of TVL's shops. Updates that are not covered by this fee are: changes to the domain name itself. These actions are not considered updates and require a new registration to be processed, which will be subject to the USD$70/year new registration fee. We offer substantial referral discounts to Internet Service Providers and other resellers. Please contact us for more information about our reseller discount program.


TVL feels very strongly that the sending of unsolicited bulk email or excessive Usenet posting ("spamming") constitutes theft of service, and we do not condone the use of .VU domain names for this purpose. If we receive complaints that a .VU domain name has been used for this purpose, we will advise the domain owner of the complaint and request that they desist from this activity. TVL reserves the right to remove any .VU name registration if a name is used as a source of spam, or an address to which to reply to such bulk mail solicitations. We will also publish the names and contact information for any accounts terminated for such a reason.


Customers may begin to use domain names immediately after registration. The registration is finalized when a confirmation email is received from TVL confirming the credit card transaction has been successful. Please note, TVL will not be held responsible for any loss of business should a domain name be withdrawn for any reason before the registration process is complete.

If a customer fails to renew his domain before the end of validity, the customer will receive a notification to inform him that the domain is expired. From this date, the domain name will be deactivated and there will be a 1 month grace period.
During this grace period:
- If no renewal payment is done, your records will be deleted and the domain name will be back to on market.
- If a renewal payment is done, your domain name will be reactivated with a delay that can be between 12 to 48 hours.

All notices and information sent by VUNIC service will be done through e-mail. It's the customer's responsibility to keep his e-mail address up to date. If the customer can't receive renewal notifications or any other information about the service because of a wrong email address, TVL can't be held responsible.